Anticipated Releases of April 2019

Hello, and welcome to today’s post which is all about my anticipated movie releases in April (in case you couldn’t read the title). I can’t believe that it’s already April, it’s warming up and we’re getting gorgeous weather out here in Colorado but I am still paranoid more snow will get dumped on us, we are always at the mercy of the mountains.

It feels like the movies season is really starting to amp up, great movies come out year-round but I always feel like spring and summer have the most anticipated releases, I love the feeling of stepping into a cool, AC filled theater from the heat outside. Maybe it’s a marketing scheme or maybe it’s just my emotions and nostalgia warping the memories, but regardless I’m excited about those summer blockbusters!

There are 3 films that really caught my eye this month, two of the three being superhero movies, which is basically my brand. I can always count on a superhero movie release to keep me excited. The third one, although not directly related still has superhero ties, although at this point what doesn’t, I feel like every actor has played a superhero at some point.


I was very skeptical of Shazam when I first heard about it. I vaguely knew the story of teenager Billy Batson who turns into a superhero with one word. I’ve seen versions of Shazam in different animated shows and I did not like him, it was jarring to have the vocabulary and attitude of a 15-year-old coming out of an adult man who was super jacked, dressed in a red jumpsuit and a cape. But, after seeing the trailers for the new movie, I was charmed. I mean with Zachary Levi playing the titular character how can you not be a little charmed!

I have been very unimpressed with the DC movies, with the amount of Batmans and Supermans we’ve had over the years, I feel like the same stories are being rehashed over and over again. Finally, they are trying to expand outwards into the arsenal of other superheroes they can work off of with Wonder Woman, Aquaman and now Shazam. I’m still holding out hope for that Ezra Miller Flash movie but I think those dreams are slowly dying.

Shazam is being advertised as a funny, adventure film and that makes all the difference from the gritty atmosphere Batman vs. Superman was going for, while I have heard some people mention that it gets really dark, it doesn’t detract from the humor that is also placed in it, which I anticipate will create a more well-rounded film. The plot remains a mystery but I look forward to understanding it more and learning more about Shazam lore.

Shazam is Now Playing

Unicorn Store

Unicorn Store was featured at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2017. It’s Brie Larson’s directorial debut and after watching Captain Marvel I will see anything that Brie Larson is involved in.

For the most part, it seems like a reverse coming-of-age story for adults, learning to find magic as an adult. The main character Kit is offered a Unicorn by a mysterious man played by Samuel L. Jackson, and despite everyone in her life telling her that this is fake or a delusion, she continues to believe in it.

This movie has some serious cry-potential, the whole story is about Kit who is just trying to find her way in life and not lose her spark and if that isn’t relatable to the post-college life I’m leading right now I don’t know what is. Brie Larson is such an incredible actress and I can’t wait to see how she brings this story to life in her directing and acting.

My question is, does she actually get the unicorn! I get the feeling that the unicorn might just be a metaphor for finding magic in little things or something like that, but damn I really want her to get that unicorn.

Unicorn Store looks aesthetically beautiful, I am always a sucker for cinematography and I have a feeling that the shots in this movie will be gorgeous, the bright colors featured in the trailer coupled with the music, and I’ve read the soundtrack is also incredible, I anticipate that this movie will not only be beautiful but look beautiful.

Definitely look for a review on Unicorn Store in the coming weeks.

Unicorn Store now streaming on Netflix

Avengers: Endgame

To prepare for the release I have been catching up on some of the smaller films I’ve missed, and rewatching the important ones. I finally watched Ant-Man and the Wasp last night (highly underrated) and plan to rewatch Infinity War several times before the release of Endgame.

I’ve been on that Marvel train since Captain America: The First Avenger. I saw movies on opening night, watched them multiple times and reblogged every gifset on Tumblr. Endgame is the end of an era for Marvel, everything has been leading up to this event. Robert Downey Jr. is done as Iron Man, Chris Evans’ contract with Marvel is coming to a close, and there is a slew of new heroes we’ve been introduced to in the last several years.

In classic comic fashion, no one is ever really dead but I do hope that some stories will be wrapped up. One of Marvel’s biggest shortcomings is not being able to create every character with the same depth, especially compared to the tome of comics they were based off. Endgame provides some of these characters with an ending that will allow the actor to finally step away and bring in new faces, as long as the story does it right.

Ultimately I am most excited to see where the MCU leads following Endgame, we have several single hero films in the works over the next few years, but will there be a New Avengers movie with the new faces? For the first time in years, the MCU is facing the unknown. What is the next big plot going to be after this? Will there be a Civil War 2 like in the comics, another intergalactic war, or what if there is nothing… I can’t wait to know!

Endgame is set to release April 26, 2019

Let me know what movie you are looking forward to watching most in the upcoming months!


Welcome to Mer’s Movie Musings

Hello, and welcome to my latest hobby experiment, blogging. I have been pondering this idea for a while, and I finally decided to give this a shot. I love movies, like really love them. I have always loved stories, I get lost in books and movies and tv shows on a regular basis, but I think movies might be my favorite form of storytelling (but don’t hold me to that).
I grew up on a wide variety of films, my family quotes movies like it’s our language. My parents got me hooked in 60s sitcoms and Cary Grant movies when I was young. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t love getting lost in movies. I think it came from my dad, he always loved movies, he loves telling me stories about when he went to see Poltergeist in theaters and someone yelled “Spielberg!” in the theaters when it was revealed that the evil had not been defeated (sorry, spoilers), or how before Ghostbusters came out there were ads all over the city with just the iconic logo and nothing else. It’s our thing, we watch movies together, and then quote them back to each other. My love for movies started there and it just sort of spiralled out from there.
Let me get one thing straight, however; if you’re here looking for reviews on the latest batch of Oscar nominees or my take on ground breaking classics, you’ve come to the wrong place. Life is short and I don’t want to waste my time watching Citizen Kane when I could rewatch Pacific Rim for the millionth time. We’re here for a good time, not a long time, and I would much rather watch giant robots fight giant aliens than watch a movie representing the concept of the American Dream and one man’s immense sacrifice to reach it. No offence to those who love Citizen Kane.
In the end this is just for me, I love talking about movies and I always have one million opinions on them. I hope you enjoy my reviews and connect with me on a love of films. Don’t ever feel afraid to drop a comment and let me know what you think of a movie I reviewed whether you agreed or disagreed, let’s geek out together!